CS70 is a high carbon spring steel, and part of the UK designation BS1449. Used in the manufacture of a wide variety of springs, it is normally purchased in the annealed condition. Annealed material allows the steel to be formed and shaped prior to hardening

CS70 is equivalent to AISI/ SAE 1070, Din CK67 and Euronorm EN10132 C67S

Standard Grade C % Si % Mn % S % P %
BS1449 (UK) CS70 0.65/0.75 0.05/0.35 0.50/0.90 0.025max 0.025max
EN10132 (Europe) C67S 0.65/0.73 0.15/0.35 0.60/0.90 0.025max 0.025max
DIN 17222(Germany) CK67 0.65/0.72 0.25/0.50 0.60/0.80 0.025max 0.025max
SAE (USA) 1070 0.64/0.76 0.15/0.30 0.60/0.90 0.035max 0.035max

BSS Steelstrip can supply CS70 in thicknesses from 0.20mm through to 3.25mm and close equivalents (75CR1) up to 8.30mm in coil strip or sheet. We can offer in coil or single sheets in 300mm x 1000mm in a range of thickness’s. For heavier requirements we can offer Hot rolled annealed in sheet up to 8mm thickness.

Stock sheets available for next day despatch

  • 300mm x 0.30 x 1000mm
  • 300mm x 0.40 x 1000mm
  • 300mm x 0.50 x 2000mm
  • 300mm x 0.71 x 2000mm
  • 300mm x 1.00 x 2000mm
  • 300mm x 2.00 x 2000mm
  • 310mm x 2.64 x 2000mm

We have other sizes in stock too, please call to check.