Hardened and Tempered Steel

The optimum combination of hardnessstrength and toughness is developed throughout the cross section of an engineering product made from steel, by means of hardening and tempering. 

The hardening and tempering treatment consists of heating the work-piece to an appropriate hardening temperature, which is dependant upon the particular steel analysis involved, holding for sufficient time to ensure the whole work-piece is at temperature, and then rapidly quenching it in a suitable medium, cooling the steel. 

Hardened and tempered material is ideal for the manufacture of saws, blades and flat spring products. It’s toughness makes it a good choice for wear strip. Hardened material is suitable for laser and water-jet cutting.

BSS Steel Strip hold a range of hardened and tempered sheets and strips available for delivery within 24 hours throughout the UK. Let us know your requirements and our expert team can assist you to ensure you get the most out of your product.

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