Grade 440B stainless steel is a high carbon martensitic stainless steel containing good strength, moderate corrosion resistance and ability to obtain and maintain wear resistance and excellent resistance.

Grade 440B is typically used in measuring instruments, gage blocks, cutlery, knives, dies, molds, ball bearings and valve components.


Carbon 0.75-0.95% Chromium 16.00-18.00%
Manganese 1.00% max Sulphur 0.030% max
Silicon 1.00% max Phosphorous 0.040% max
Molybdenum 0.75% max

BSS stock 440B in 1.4 , 1.5,  1.8,  2.3,  2.8,  3.3,  4.2 and 5.3mm thicknesses

Sheet sizes vary, and we can cut on site.