BS 1449 Steel

BS1449 covers hot and cold rolled Carbon Manganese steel strip produced on wide and narrow strip mills.

Narrow strip is differentiated from wide strip mills, by the closer thickness tolerances and improved shape. Medium and high carbon steels are usually only available from the narrow strip route.
BSS Steel Strip stock the following grades from the BS1449 range in sheet and coil: CS4, CS70, CS80, CS95. 
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BS1449 Part 1 1983    
40.12 max 0.60 max0.045 max0.045 max
10*0.08-0.150.10-0.350.60-0.900.045 max0.045 max
12*0.10-0.15 0.60-0.900.045 max0.045 max
17*0.15-0.20 0.60-0.900.045 max0.045 max
20*0.15-0.250.05-0.351.30-1.700.045 max0.045 max
22*0.20-0.25 0.40-0.600.045 max0.045 max
30*0.25-0.350.05-0.350.50-0.900.045 max0.045 max
40*0.35-0.450.05-0.350.50-0.900.045 max0.045 max
50*0.45-0.550.05-0.350.50-0.900.045 max0.045 max
60*0.60-0.650.05-0.350.50-0.900.045 max0.045 max
700.65-0.750.05-0.350.50-0.900.045 max0.045 max
800.75-0.850.05-0.350.50-0.900.045 max0.045 max
950.90-1.000.05-0.350.30-0.600.045 max0.045 max

*These grades are not routinely manufactured and are included for information only.

The analyses are the same for either HS or CS, hot rolled and cold rolled respectively

Although BS1449 is still widely used in the UK, most of the carbon steels produced today conforms to EN10132.

EN 10132 Euronorm was devised to harmonise grades across Europe.

BSS Steel Strip stock a wide range of steels from the BS1449 range including CS70, CS80 and CS95.