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301 Spring temper stainless steel


1.4310       X10CrNi18-8

301 is an austenitic stainless steel which offers good corrosion resistance. BSS stock 301 in Temper rolled condition (TR380) in a hardness range of 380-500 VPN. 

301 offers high strength and ductility and can be easily welded. 

It is widely used in it’s temper rolled condition for the manufacture of small springs, without the need for heat treatment. Our 301 falls within BS EN 10151, this grade is also known as X10CrNi18-8 or 1.4310.

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Typical Applications

Grade 301 is widely used for manufacturing components, springs and formed parts without the need for heat treatments. 

It is also used for dental and medical instruments, scrapers and shims. 301 is commonly used in the printing and food industries, and for applications where the steel comes into contact with water. 

Grade 301 is suitable for stainless feeler gauge stock, precision foils, stainless springs and parts of higher strength. This alloy is little magnetic and can not be held by magnetic tables of grinding machines.


Type 301 has a good corrosion resistance due to a content of 17 % Chromium and 7 % Nickel. 

A high tensile strength is obtained by cold rolling. BSS typically hold grade 301 temper rolled 380vpn.

301 spring temper is suitable for use in environments of to around 280 degrees Celsius.


C  – 0.15% max

Si – 2% max

Mn – 2% max

P – 0.045% max

S – 0.015% max

Cr – 16% – 18%

Ni – 6% – 8%

Please see below for comparison with the 300 series:


Our range

We supply 301 Stainless Steel in a range of sheet sizes, from 0.05mm to 1.5mm thick. Standard sheet size is 300mm x 1000mm.

Alternatively we can supply 420 martenstic suitable for the production of blades and knives. 


We do not supply Mill Certificates with orders, we only supply Certificates of Conformity.

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