Spring Steel Strip to Hobbyists and Model Engineers

Whether you’re restoring a steam engine or building a model from scratch – spring steel is used in all kinds of restoration projects, for model engineering, or for developing prototypes for a new invention!

Small quantities of steel - express delivery

 We supply small quantities of spring steel to model engineers, hobbyists and restorers of cars, trains, models and all kinds of machinery.

If you’re a hobbyist, model engineer or occasional steel buyer, getting hold of the material you need from a large stockholder or mill can be difficult – there are often high minimum order quantities which are too high for your needs.

That’s where BSS come in  – we’re perfect partners for model engineers and hobbyists as we ship as little as just one sheet of steel, with a fast turnaround and expert advice just a phone call away.

Our next day delivery service means there’s no need to keep large quantities of steel in storage – just buy it when you need it and free up some cash.

Expert Advice

Don’t worry if you’re not a steel expert! Our friendly team have decades of experience in the steel industry and are just a phone call away.

With so many types of spring steel to choose from,  selecting the correct grade for your model engineering project can appear daunting. Our telephone advice service takes the difficulty out of choosing the right steel for the job. Just let us know some details about your project and we’ll be able to help you choose a steel that will suit your application.

So if you’re unsure which steel would best suit your project, just give BSS a call on 0114 244 0527 and we’ll recommend the right grade of steel.

Do you need your steel cut to shape?

What are you using your steel for?

Many of our customers require their sheet or coil steel to be cut or finished before use.

We offer a range of useful profiling services which could save you time and money.

  • Laser Cutting – we operate a state-of-the-art laser cutter and if you supply drawings or DXF files, we can cut to your exact requirements

  • Bevel grinding – steel edges ground to your specified bevel angle.

  • Cutting to length and coil slitting to a specified width

  • Milling

  • Spring forming

  • Edge Dressing

  • Strip Bluing

Whatever your spring steel requirements, we’re here to support your success

Our friendly team are ready to help your project succeed – give us a call on 0114 244 0527 or email bss@steelstrip.co.uk  to make an enquiry, place an order or speak to a steel expert.

We supply steel for...

Classic car restoration

Heritage train restoration

Classic motorcycle parts

Model railway parts

Lighting installations

3D printer build plates

Engine parts

Musical instruments


Art installations

Guitar making / luthiery 

Magic tricks

Handbag and briefcase straps