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Richard Thomas has joined BSS Steel Strip - A division of Fernite of Sheffield Ltd

Welcome Richard Thomas

I am please to announce that Richard Thomas  has joined the Fernite team  –  taking up the position of Steel Sales Executive in our BSS Steel Strip division. Richard joins Fernite having worked at some of the UK’s leading steel manufacturers, including British Steel, Vetchberry Steels and ThyssenKrupp. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the business, …

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What are Spring Steels

Spring steel alloys feature the unique characteristic of being able to withstand considerable twisting or bending forces without any distortion. Products made from these steel alloys can be bent, compressed, extended, or twisted continuously, and they will return to their original shape without suffering any deformation. This characteristic is defined as high yield strength and …

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Hardening and Tempering

Spring steels are supplied in one of two conditions: they are either supplied in annealed condition –  to allow component manufacture prior to the hardening process – or hardened and tempered. The hardening and tempering process The optimum combination of hardness, strength and toughness is developed throughout the cross section of an engineering product made …

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AISI 9260

AISI 9260 is a silicon manganese spring steel used widely for the production of leaf springs Analysis Element  % C  0.56-0.64 Mn  0.75-1.00 P  0.035 (max) S  0.04 (max) Si  1.80-2.20 Related specifications include EN45 and BS970 250A53 BSS Stock a range of EN45 flat bars which can be seen here    

100Cr6 52100

100Cr6 is  broadly classified as a tool steel. With 1% carbon and 1.50% chrome it is capable of being hardened in excess of 60 Rockwell C. It is most commonly associated with bearing production. BSS can supply a range of flat sheet suitable for laser / water-jet cutting up to a thickness of 12mm. Nominal …

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01 Tool Steel

01 is an oil hardening carbon manganese tool steel, possessing excellent dimensional stability during heat treatment.  01 is used for the production of ground flat stock, a precision material used in tool making and other engineering applications. Typical applications: Press Tools, Broaches, Clipping, Marking Punches, Gauges, Jigs, Deep Drawing Dies, Slitting Cutters, Taps & Screwing Tools …

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M2 is a general purpose high speed steel giving good toughness, good machinability, wear resistance and high compressive strength. Used in a wide variety of applications, such as woodworking tools, punches and dies, circular cutters, lathe tools and broaches. It is also suitable for press tools, blanking and cold extrusion tools. Mean analysis Carbon 0.85% Chromium …

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