Spring Steel Bar

We are now able to offer spring steel bar in small quantities.

We supply EN45 ,EN47 and EN9.


EN45 is a silicon manganese spring steel (approx. 0.55% carbon), suitable for oil hardening and tempering. 

EN45 is suitable for the manufacture of springs and blades. it is wideley used for making automotive leaf springs and much favoured in the manufacture of historical blades. Closely related or equivalent grades include 250A53, 250A57 and 55SiMn7.


EN9, also known as 070m55, as a carbon content 0.50/0.60 this is a medium carbon steel which can develop a tensile strength of 700N/mm 45tsi. In the normalised condition EN9 can be used for gears, sprockets and cams.

We can supply almost any quantity from a single bar shipped anywhere in the UK , usually (subject to stock), within 48 hours. We now offer EN47 round spring steel bar, details can be found here

Chemical composition


GradeC %Si %Mn %S %P %

Our range

The sizes we supply
 Imperial  Metric 
EN451.1/2  3/16 404
EN451.1/4  3/8 505
EN451.1/2  1/4 606
EN451.1/2  3/8 706
EN451.3/4  1/4 707
EN452  1/4 756
EN452  5/16 708
EN452.1/2  3/16 609
EN452.1/4  1/4 6010
EN453  5/16 8010
EN454  1/2 9012.7
EN455  3/4 8015
EN91  3/16 405
EN92.1/2  3/16 326
EN91  1/4 2310
EN91.1/2  1/4 2610
EN91.3/4  1/4 3210
EN92  1/4 4010
EN93  1/4 7510
EN92  3/8 10010
EN91.1/2  1/2 12510
EN92  1/2 7612

Larger sizes available, please contact us on 0114 244 0527 (option 2) to make an enquiry.

We do not supply Mill Certificates with orders, we only supply Certificates of Conformity.