CS100 is a carbon spring steel which BSS supply in sheet form.

Used for springs, saws, clutch plates and valves etc. CS100 can be cut by laser, waterjet etc. It is generally used where higher hardnesses and wear resistance is required  or where a higher strength is required in lower thickness material. Common equivalents are CS95, 1095, C100S, XC90

CS100 is normally supplied in the hardened and tempered condition.


0.95/1.05%0.05/0.35%0.30/0.60%0.025% max0.025% max

Equivalent grades

 Common equivalents are CS95, 1095, C100S, XC90


Our range


1550.1010000.12 kilos
1500.1510000.20 kilos
1650.2010000.25 kilos
1650.2510000.32 kilos
2400.4010000.75 kilos
3000.5025002.95 kilos
3100.7025004.25 kilos
3500.8025005.50 kilos
4501.0012504.43 kilos
4501.0025008.85 kilos
Other sizes available, call to check