CS80 Spring Steel


CS80 is a spring steel grade within BS1449. It is a close equivalent to C75S and AISI /SAE 1075, and closely matches EN42.

CS80 is usually supplied in the hardened and tempered condition. 

It is widely used for the manufacture of flat springs, knives and blades. It has gained popularity in recent years, as whilst it was notoriously difficult to cut, the advent of laser and water jet cutting techniques have largely overcome this issue.

Our material is precision rolled with a good surface finish, close thickness tolerance and good flatness.



Carbon0.75-0.85%Phosphorous0.045% max
Manganese0.50-0.90%Sulphur0.045% max

We supply CS80 in sheet up to 1mm gauge from stock.   We supply CS80 in coil up to 2mm gauge. 

We also stock some smaller sheets available for immediate dispatch which are displayed  below.

Please call us for pricing and availability. 


Smaller sheets

Hardened and Tempered Smaller sheets available for sale – fast dispatch

1520.2510000.32 kilos
3000.3010000.70 kilos
1560.3810000.46 kilos
3000.5010001.20 kilos
1520.6010000.71 kilos
3000.7012502.06 kilos
3000.8010001.85 kilos
2280.9010001.61 kilos
Other sizes available, call to check