CS95 Spring Steel


CS95 is a spring steel with a carbon content of between 0.90% and 1.00%, and is generally used where higher hardnesses and wear resistance is required, or where a higher strength is required in a lower thickness material. 

CS95 is usually supplied in the hardened and tempered condition, and it is commonly supplied with a polished finish. 

CS95 can be cut by laser or waterjet and is a common material for the manufacturing of saws and knives. 

CS95 is part of BS1449


CS95 is commonly used for the manufacture of saws, springs, clutch plates, valves and other applications where a high hardness and resistance is required, or where strength is required in a low thickness. 


Carbon0.90-1.00%Phosphorous0.04% max
Manganese0.30-0.60%Sulphur0.04% max

Our range

We supply CS95 in coil hardened and tempered,  and also in a range of sheet sizes.  

The hardness range is 530-570 vpn

CS95 is available in a range of sheet sizes, from 0.1mm to 1.57mm thick. 

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Related specifications

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