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Here at BSS we have created a forum for all our customers. We understand, that you all deal with different grades of steel at that is why might have common issues with the processing. Please feel free to ask BSS community a question – then we will email it to all our customers. Therefore, everybody …

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What are Spring Steels?

Spring steels feature the unique characteristic of being able to withstand considerable twisting or bending forces without any distortion. Products made from these steels can be bent, compressed, extended, or twisted continuously, and they will return to their original shape without suffering any deformation. This characteristic is defined as high yield strength and is the …

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Steel hardness conversion table

Drawings and customer specifications will often quote hardness ranges for the steel required. Dependant upon the source, these can appear according to a variety of scales. The chart below gives approximate conversions between different scales. This should be a guide only as the tests use a variety of methods to ascertain values. Brinell Hardness Vickers …

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