Steel for saw manufacturing

BSS supply high quality spring steel for manufacturing saws in a range of grades

Which steel do I need?

Wood cutting handsaws

Traditional wood cutting handsaws are made from high carbon steels, preferably CS80 which combines toughness with flexibility to avoid the risk of the blade breaking


Hacksaws can be made from higher carbon material such as CS95 or CS100 as the blade is usually fixed at both ends, allowing the use of harder material with a longer blade life as there is little risk of breaking due to over-flexing. 

Circular saws

Circular saws are made from C75, CS80 or 75Cr1 carbon steels, commonly with a hardness of over 40 HRC.


Bandsaws can be made from CS80, CS95 or CS100 carbon steels. 

Metal cutting saws

Saws for cutting metal are usually made from high speed steels, often with tungsten carbide teeth. 

BSS supply high speed steels, available on a short lead time. 

Steel for saw making - BSS are suppliers of spring steel suitable for the manufacture of many types of saw
BSS can supply steel for the manufacture of circular saws . For saw making enquiries call 0114 244 0527
Steel for Bandsaw - BSS supply high quality steel for band saw manufacturing
Steel for saw making: BSS supply quality spring steel in grades suitable for the manufacture of saws