EN45 is a silico-manganese spring steel widely used for the manufacture of leaf springs and knives. EN45 is a silicon manganese spring steel (approx. 0.55% carbon), suitable for oil hardening and tempering. 

Whilst it has been manufactured as both strip and bar in the past, the development of more sophisticated strip steels mean it is no longer generally available in strip form.

EN45 is most commonly supplied as black rolled flat bar which is formed with or without heating and quenched and tempered when the desired shape has been achieved.

EN45 is suitable for the manufacture of springs and blades. It is wideley used for making automotive leaf springs and much favoured in the manufacture of historical blades. Closely related or equivalent grades include 250A53, 250A57 and 55SiMn7.

BSS supply EN45 in flat and round bar, with a typical as-rolled hardnless of 220/240vpn. 

Related steel grades include BS970 250A53, 56Si7, 55Si7  and SAE 9260



GradeC %Si %Mn %S %P %


Typical applications for EN45 bar include:


– Automotive leaf springs

– Knives and swords

– General engineering usage

– Automotive heavy spring parts


If you have any questions about the suitability of this material for your project, please call our friendly team on 0114 244 0527.

Our range of EN45

BSS can supply a range of sizes in EN45 flat bar.

 Imperial Sizes available (ins)Metric sizes available (mm)
 1.1/2  3/16 40  4
 1.1/4  3/8 50  5
 1.1/2  1/4 60  6
 1.1/2  3/8 70  6
 1.3/4  1/4 70  7
 2  1/4 75  6
 2  5/16 70  8
 2.1/2  3/16 60  9
 2.1/4  1/4 60  10
 3  5/16 80  10
 5  3/4 80  15

Other sizes available, please contact us on 0114 244 0527 (option 2) to make an enquiry.

We do not supply Mill Certificates with orders, we only supply Certificates of Conformity.

Please contact us on 0114 244 0527 (option 2) to make an enquiry.